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What is an Unsecured Small Business Loan? In the merchant cash advance industry, there is a lot of talk about “unsecured small business loans.” What does it mean for a loan to be unsecured and what are the benefits of this type of financing?

An unsecured loan is one that does not require any collateral to obtain. In other words, you don’t not need to offer the provider of the loan your house, car, or other assets in exchange for the loan. Unsecured small business loans can be used on almost any business expense, including new equipment, remodeling and expansion, payroll or marketing.

In the sense that they do not require collateral, most merchant cash advances are forms of unsecured business loans. However, here at Our MCA Funding Company, we provide a funding solution that is much more closely aligned with traditional small business loans. The unsecured business loan that we provide through our Bank Only Program for businesses who don’t process credit cards has a similar system of repayment to that of a small business loan. While business cash advances are paid back through a fixed percentage of your business’ future credit card transactions, our Bank Only Program works through the repayment of a fixed amount. Therefore, you will always be aware of precisely how much your business owes whenever repayment is due.

Learn more about our Bank Only Program, a cash advance for businesses who don’t accept credit cards.


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