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Stop paying more to process credit card sales with Citi Wide Merchant Services!
Citi Wide Merchant Services provides credit card payment services with unbeatable rates and top notch customer service.

• Step-by-step walk-through of the compliance process
• PCI certification, Compatible with High Risk Merchant Services.
• Reduces your risk of business endangering fines
• Ongoing, automated testing

QuickBooks Integration• Easy and inexpensive

• Easily transfer credit card transactions into QuickBooks
• Save time and aggravation

PayFast for Recurring Payments

• Easy as set-it and forget-it
• Can improve credit scores
• Smooths out cash flow
• Can reduce late payment fees

Payments Fast for Debt Reduction Services
• Lower your debt
• Reduct interest costs
• Smooths out cash flow
• Can reduce late payment fees

• FREE peace of mind
• Painlessly build an emergency fund
• Fully fund your retirement account each year
• Build up a vacation fund… whatever!

Overnight Money Express
• Get your money faster
• Improve cash flow
• Reduce bank overdraft fees
• And did we mention – get your money faster?

Credit Card Processing

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